Your leadership toolbox for your next step into your managerial role

  • You manage the challenge of transitioning from colleague to manager consciously
  • You improve systematically your leadership competence
  • You develop your individual leadership style
  • You use relevant management tools
  • You gain credibility, respect and trust as a leader

With individual analysis of your leadership style and training on your personal cases.



Seminar Description




Until recently what counted most was your technical expertise. Managing people might be a completely new challenge for you. You want to prove your abilities in this role from day one – and fortunately, this is something you can learn. Or maybe you’re already managing people but want to build further on your experience. This training will help you manage your team successfully right from the start and gain credibility, respect and trust as a leader.



>> You will receive feedback on your management style
>> Working on real life case studies
>> Practising how to do effective appraisals and how to give feedback
>> Working on specific case studies to analyse possible courses of action
>> Time for personal reflection



Good managers tend to have a high level of selfawareness. This seminar provides you with a structured process for self-reflection. You will learn to critically evaluate your leadership style and will get constructive feedback on development opportunities with regards to your specific leadership role. The seminar has an open and interactive format, with focus given to working on your particular cases to ensure that you can instantly apply your learnings.



New managers or experienced professionals who want to get prepare for a managerial position, as well as managers who want to build on their existing managerial competencies. This training is specifically designed for people who use English at work, no matter whether that be just occasionally or on an everyday basis.


9.00 Start of the seminar
12.30 Lunch
18.30 End of Day 1

Management Forum Starnberg cordially invites participants to an informal get-together at the end of the first seminar day – a great opportunity for networking and further discussions.

9.00 Start of the seminar
12.30 Lunch
16.30 End of Day 2

Coffee breaks will be scheduled during the course of the day.


Seminar Agenda



>> Welcome address by Management Forum Starnberg and the seminar leader
>> Aligning of the agenda and participant expectations

Moving into a Managerial Role
>> The fundamental changes in ‘How things work’ within managerial positions
>> Key challenges in the transition from colleague to manager
>> Which competencies are vital?
>> The subtle difference between ‘one of us’ and ‘one of them’

Clarity and Consequence
>> Why should others want to be managed by you?
>> Why do you need a ‘formal’ kick-off?
>> Clarifying role expectations

Self-Awareness and Perception

Moving into Leadership
>> How to practically set up your leadership within the organisation
>> Successfully shifting from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’
>> How to stay focussed on the big stuff and not get lost in details

REALITY CHECK What does this mean for your daily work as a manager?

Managing Means Communicating
>> The basics of human communication
>> The managerial dialogue
>> Understanding others comes before being understood
>> Different occasions require different forms of conversations

Performance Appraisals:
A Highly Effective Managerial Tool
>> The basics of a performance appraisal
>> How to conduct objective appraisals and navigate emotional dynamics
>> What you can contribute to ensuring a successful conversation

Working on Real Life Participant Cases

Professional Feedback:
The No.1 Managerial Skill
>> The importance of feedback sessions
>> How to give constructive feedback
>> Helpful attitudes in giving feedback

Feedback Exercise

>> Who needs to be managed how?
     The challenge of varying your managerial style
>> Delegating to former colleagues:
    Why is this so difficult?
>> Psychological and practical aspects of delegating
>> Development-focused delegation vs operational delegation: When does delegating make sense and when is it necessary?

>> What motivates employees?
>> In which ways can you as a manager motivate your staff?
>> How to avoid staff becoming demotivated and how to address this in a conversation

Analysis of your Managerial Style and Individual Feedback

Leadership Style
>> How does your leadership style affect performance and motivation within your team?
>> What is your preferred leadership style?
>> Employee development and leadership style – how are they related?

Learning Transfer and Practical Application



Seminar leader

Marion Schiffner

Marion Schiffner is an expert on collaboration in organisations. Her focus area is intercultural aspects of work, specifically people management and communication. Marion Schiffner coaches managers in becoming fully effective in their role, as well as expanding their managerial and self-management skills. She has been living in Milan for over 27 years and uses her intercultural expertise on an international level. She holds coaching sessions and seminars in German, English and Italian. 


Teilnahme & Anmeldung

Target audience

New managers or experienced professionals who wish to prepare for a managerial position, as well as managers who want to build on their existing managerial competencies. This training is specifically designed for people who use English at work, be that just occasionally or on an everyday basis.

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by phone: +49 (0)8151 27 1 9 0
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by post: Management Forum Starnberg GmbH • Maximilianstr. 2b • 82319 Starnberg, Germany
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Terms and conditions

The price for this seminar is € 1,995 plus 19% VAT. Where there is more than one delegate from the same company the second and any further delegates are eligible for a 10% discount on the price. After successful registration you will receive a booking confirmation by email. The invoice will be sent by post. Payment must be received prior to the event. The booking is subject to the cancellation terms set out below. By making a booking you accept the terms and conditions. Management Forum Starnberg reverses the right to make changes to the conference content and program in case of unforeseen circumstances without prior notification.


Cancellations must be received in writing and are subject to the following charges: Cancellation received up to two weeks before the seminar date will incur a cancellation fee of € 75 plus 19% VAT. Thereafter the full seminar price plus 19% VAT will be charged. Delegate substitutions are possible at any time and will not incur any additional charges.

Date and place

7th June and 8th June 2018 in Frankfurt/M: relexa Hotel Frankfurt/Main, Lurgiallee 2, 60439 Frankfurt/Main, phone: +49 (0)69 95 778 0, fax: +49 (0)69 95 778 878, email:, online:, Room rate: € 110 incl. breakfast


For the participants of the seminar a limited number of hotel rooms are available at special prices. Please make your reservation directly with the hotel quoting ‘Management Forum Starnberg’.


The seminar registration desk will open at 8.30 a.m. Identification badges and seminar materials will be given to all participants prior to the seminar.

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„Please contact me if you have any questions about this seminar.“

Petra Geiger
Conference Manager

Tel. +49 (0) 81 51) 27 19 39



The price for this seminar is € 1,995 plus 19% VAT.
Where there is more than one delegate from the same company the second and any further delegates are eligible for a 10% discount on the price.

07.06.2018 - 08.06.2018
relexa Hotel Frankfurt/Main / Frankfurt am Main
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